Friday, October 8, 2010

Yes Sir, Mister Rosewater Sir!

Mark Rosewater is a master of subtle manipulation.

He has convinced me that I need to make a poison deck again.   I don't know exactly how, although I am somewhat convinced he puts subliminal messages in tweets, but the man he has managed to get me interested in poison again.

Much like when you finally learn how to manage your life as a resource when you are playing black, poison just adds another dimension to the game.  It sure does seem a lot simpler on paper to just do 10 poison damage as opposed to 20 regular damage.. Guess I will test that theory...

The last time I had a poison deck I was abusing Fire Whip and Marsh Viper :)  Now I have a whole bunch of new cards to try out and whole new effects, rules, and even card types :)

I saw a couple interesting takes on it at the SOM pre-release and release events... But I didn't lose to them... I think that strategy isn't very effective in limited... but it screams try it in constructed..
Now If I just had some time to build decks :) 

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