Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Alpha Strike-ish deck

So when Scars of Mirrodin came out I was immidiately was drawn to Precursor Golem.  I am a Johnny at heart and this card begged to be built around.  So I have been working on a build.  The mothership had a building on a budget article on it the other day that took the same route I was in a since... *shrug*  They had 2 good ideas for the deck I was not using... So I will have to try and incorporate those... At any rate here is the list I am currently running. 
11  Island
9  Mountain
4  Terramorphic Expanse
24 lands

4  Kiln Fiend
4  Precursor Golem
4  Trinket Mage
4  Sea Gate Oracle

12 Creatures

4  Everflowing Chalice 
4  Distortion Strike 
4  Preordain 
4  Staggershock
4  Lightning Bolt
4  Treasure Hunt 
24 Spells

Basic Premise, get a Kiln fiend or Precursor golem out... and make them big enough to get through.  Use the burn to remove/keep pace with opponent.
No sideboard yet.. I usually don't do sideboards anyway... I'm slightly lazy and that is a part of my game that needs the second most work.. (see Shuffing for #1)

In testing it did ok... Nothing spectacular, of course this is not a deck for FNM it is casual... But it does have the nice ability to "win" out of nowhere :)  I'll update it later this week, but for now it is in the casual testing catagory.

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