Monday, October 11, 2010

Simple Changes

So I have been slowly adding better management to my card inventory.

I don't know exactly what my goal is other than... 
"Man.. I have all these boxes that are driving my wife nuts, and I REALLY need to thin my collection down to something manageable." 

The main people I have been reading for methods to thin my collection intelligently have been Jonathan Medina ( and Kelly Reid (

This last week I added one item I read in an article from Kelly Reid. 

He suggested a relatively simple change.  Put 4x of uncommon in a penny sleeve.  It helps you trade them faster and/or grab them out of a box, and it is an instant visual cue that you have 4 of them.

Well I did this for all my current standard boxes....  so far I am liking the results.

I think the next small change I am going to make is one from Jonathan Medina where he suggests the concept of a "lead" binder... Read his article on this

He has a great idea on just placing 1 of the card you have multiples to trade in your binder and keep the excess sleeved in a box.  This does one great thing.. If someone takes your binder... you cut your losses.  

I think I am a magic card hoarder... Strike that.. I know I am.

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