Tuesday, October 26, 2010


So yesterday I placed my large sleeve order for the year.  I usually have to do this as a result of the fact that sleeves just become kind of useless after some time.. This is probably due to my large stature and the presence of food while playing the game :)

I have asked around and gotten some good information on the types of supplies most people are using, and even some nifty products (Looking at you Medina) I will have to ask/beg for for Christmas. 

Myself I have my cube in Purple Dragon Shield sleeves.
Most of my decks are in Ultra Pro Sleeves. (Powder White/Candy Orange/Tsunami Blue)
My EDH decks will be in Black sleeves.

Some things I have noticed and I would like to gripe a bit about. 

I'll never use an Art sleeve :) They scratch and mark too easy...
I'll never use those Shiny Ultra pro ones again (I think they stopped selling them).. you could literally pick off the shine/color film and have a clear sleeve... This happened alot as a result of rifle shuffling.

Why are the colors not consistent? Ultra Pro sells Powder White sleeves in packs of 50.  They sell a "white" sleeve in packs of 100.  These sleeves are not the same colors for some reason...  A good percentage of my sanity is lost to the fact that all my powder white sleeves mixed in with this rogue 100 pack.  If I mix the sleeves the cards are marked.. GRRRRRRR.

Another interesting factoid about the 100 packs.  The overall sleeve quality is less.  I don't know why, but when I buy the 100 pack I split them about 3 times as often as the sleeves I buy in the 50 packs.  Does anyone else have this problem or is it just me.

Ultra Pro seems to be the only company who also makes the oversize sleeve for Planes and Schemes.  Thank you for this, however WHY did you make them side load and not top load?  I cannot rifle shuffle these side loaders.. :(

Ok.. I feel better having gotten that off my chest.

At any rate, man.. I wish I could trade cards for sleeves... No one around here will seem to jump on that... 

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